Finance is a term that expresses two related activities: the study of how money is managed and the actual process of obtaining needed funds.


In this program you will learn oversight, study and creation of money, credit, banking, assets, investments and liabilities that make up financial systems as required in the industry. finance, the process of raising funds or capital for any kind of expenditure. Consumers, business firms, and governments often do not have the funds available to make expenditures, pay their debts, or complete other transactions and must borrow or sell equity to obtain the money they need to conduct their operations. Savers and investors, on the other hand, accumulate funds which could earn interest or dividends if put to productive use.

These savings may accumulate in the form of savings deposits, savings and loan shares, or pension and insurance claims; when loaned out at interest or invested in equity shares, they provide a source of investment funds. Finance is the process of channeling these funds in the form of credit, loans, or invested capital to those economic entities that most need them or can put them to the most productive use.

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Fundamentals and Treasury

  • What is the Treasury?
  • Functions and roles of Treasury
  • Treasury as an activity
  • How Treasury management is implemented in Banks, NBFCs, Micro-Financial
  • Corporations and other corporates.

Corporate Finance

  • Basics of financing decisions and their importance
  • Capital Structure
  • Capital Ratios
  • Credit Assessment for Financing Decision

Corporate Portfolio Management

  • Basics and Introduction
  • Why do corporations Invest in other businesses?
  • Liquidity, Credit and Market Risk
  • Investment Management
  • Formulation and application of Investment Policy

Application of Financial Ratio in day-to-day Operations

  • Three financial management decisions
  • Quantitative modeling
  • Analysis of financial models and statements
  • Techniques of taking data-driven decisions

Cash and Liquidity Management

  • Liquidity management
  • Cash forecasting
  • Physical and Notional sash pools
  • POBO/ROBO models
  • Clearing and Settlement systems

SCM - Supply Chain Management

  • Working Capital Management
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Receipts and Payables outstanding/indents and requisitions outstanding
  • Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Discounting, Factoring and Forfeiting
  • Legal terms, Regulatory and Compliances


  • Selector, Traversing
  • Events, Ajax, DOM

Database Management

  • SQL
  • Data Modeling
  • PHP

Node JS

  • Server – Side JavaScript
  • NPM
  • JavaScript Build Processes
  • Event Loop and Emitters
  • API’s

Database With MongoDB

  • Implementation of communication.
  • Read and write data to the database.
  • Aggregation framework.
  • Manage the configuration of the database.


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